"Your privacy is important for us"

You've read that everywhere at this point. I won't write another one of those to explain what we do with your data.

Here's everything we collect and what we do with it, constantly updated, lastly on Feb. 15th 2023.

Not your voice recordings

Messages you record are sent to a server where they are tranformed into text. The audio isn't even saved. The voice model listens to it and spills text that is then sent to the text model.

No exchanged messages

Some call it a missing feature, some say they prefer it this way, but reality is that as soon as you navigate away from the chat, everything is lost. The only place where things are stored is in your browser, only for the duration of the conversation.


Did you see any cookie consent? Of course not. We use Fathom as general analytics provider for it's privacy features. It's impossible to track and target anyone. We track how many "Speak" clicks are done and how many email registrations screens are shown, as events.

More analytics

The business has to know something about how people are using the app. These things are:

  1. Message count. You send a message, that's +1. Teacher sends another, that's +1. We don't care about the content.
  2. Experience rating. After X messages you're prompted to rate the app. We save the time it was taken and the rating value. Not even the user is known.
  3. User and teacher message language. You ask something in Portuguese? That's +1 for "pt-BR". Teacher answer in English? That's +1 for "en-US".