The Power of Pronunciation Assessment

Sound like a native.
Compare your pronunciation to natives.
Pronunciation nuances.
See where you can improve.
Instant feedback.
Get results in seconds.
Comprehensive reports.
Check words and even phonemes.
Cost effective.
Don't pay any extra for it.
Deep dive analysis.
Follow your progress over time.

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How it works

Accuracy Score

Think of this as the precision tool. It dives deep, assessing your speech right down to the phoneme level – the smallest sound unit in language. By comparing your pronunciation with native standards, this score reveals how accurately you hit every syllable and word. But it doesn't stop there; it also evaluates your entire text, adjusting the results based on specific assessment criteria. The closer you are to a native's pronunciation, the higher your accuracy score.

Fluency Score

Ever noticed how native speakers have a particular rhythm and flow to their speech? That's where fluency comes in. This score isn't just about speed; it's about the natural pauses and silent breaks between words. With our pronunciation assessment, you'll know how fluid your speech is in comparison to a native's pattern.

Completeness Score

Did you nail every word in the passage? Or did some get missed out in the rush? This metric focuses on ensuring you've covered all bases. By comparing your spoken words with the reference text, this score paints a clear picture of your speech's completeness. And yes, there's a timer – it's there to make sure you're pacing yourself right!